Bell’s Palsy


Lets face it, what could be worse than waking up one morning with half your face paralyzed?   Death.  


This morning, I learned about Bell’s Palsy and my life has changed. I am afraid to go to bed. I am afraid of waking up in the morning, going to brush my teeth and seeing drool slide down my face as a result of  limp features. 

When one acquires Hell’s Palsy, typically, the right side of their face stops working.  This creates a problem not only in beauty but also in terms of : drooling, blinking, closing your eye,  and probably finding a boyfriend. 

The cause of Hell’s Palsy is unknown.  However, many link diabetes, herpes, lyme disease, and even cold air to Hell’s Palsy.  Great, I probably have all of those listed. 

Hell’s Palsy can stay for a a few days to up to a couple years.  It all depends on the individual— Personally, I don’t want it for a minute.   

There is also no cure for Hell’s Palsy, although there are certain measures you can take to aid in reducing the amount of time you have what I like to call “frozen face syndrome”.  Things such as vitamin B12, acupuncture, and face massages can help.  My thought process was: what about BOTOX/Plastic Surgury? Suicide? 

Although these “treatments” for Hells Palsy can decrease the length of it’s stay, I think the best solution to this problem is simple: THROW AWAY ALL MIRORS AND DONT LEAVE THE HOUSE. 

I send out all positive energy for those 1 in 4000 dealing with Hell’s Palsy right now.  I send out prayers and I will try to sleep without the fear of what morning could bring. 



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