Parkinsons Disease

It seems like I am always driving my thoughts around, trying to figure out what disease I could have next. And, it looks like I can park my car at this one :  Parkinsons. 

Some dieseases are just too complicated to write about. So I will just focus on why I think I have it. 

This morning, I was watching “The View” with my mom, and they had special guest Michael J. Fox on.   Mr. Fox did some movies, but to me, he is most  famous for his Parkinsons.  As I was watching him, he couldn’t sit still while he was talking.  It was like the diesase was a puppet master controlling his every move. 

I realized in my own life, that im always bopping around uncontrollably and that I never sit still.  There is only one explanation for this : Parkinsons.  

Salvador Dali, Pope John Paul II, Muhommad Ali, and Barak Obama, Miss Piggy, Dr. Spock, and Matt Sabato all have been linked to Parkinsons Disease. 

There is no treatment.  Lets think positive:  Today is sunny. 



2 Responses

  1. ms – i fucking love you!

  2. watching the view is more dangerous than parkinsons

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