Legally Single. I might be against Gay Marriage.

Proposition 8. Enough already. As a gay man, you might be surprised to hear that I was not shocked that the outcome of Proposition 8 in California was upheld. Infact, I’m not so sure I would have voted any differently then the most conservative citizen of the United States of America who has little to no contact with a gay person. 

The freedom and the right to get married comes down to one thing for the gay community: respect. My mother always told me; in order to get respect, you have to respect yourself first. 

For many uninformed Americans, there is a stereotype for the gay community; sex, drugs, disease, and partying. Respect worthy? No, I dont think so. As a gay man, I am certainly aware that this stereotype is not necessarily true for the entire gay community. However, to most uninformed Americans, this is the only picture that is being painted over and over each year to remind them of how disgusting the gay community can be…. and I totally agree. It is disgusting. 

The day I can go into a gay bar and not feel like I lost my virginity from every poking finger to my ass, or shower stalls in the middle of the club for men to publicly shower in and engage in sexual acts, or bathroom stalls that are solely for the purpose of sex, is the day that I might think gay marriage is possible. 

One of the most important and influential factors to informing the uninformed about homosexuality is Gay Pride. Gay Pride for me is more like Gay Ashamed. Every year, in Chicago during the Gay Pride festival, I used to stay clear of anything north of Michigan Avenue. What I saw at Pride was shocking. 

Stop using your dicks, and start using your voices. 

If you want to be heard, keep your shirt on and your legs closed. Blow jobs in alleys, crude displays of public affection on every float, drunk gay guys making out with anyone who has a face … I feel like I’m getting an STD just from thinking about it. 

I think pride in oneself is a beautiful thing. But I dont see pride at Gay Pride events, I see sex. And if I see it, then America sees it too. 

Gay awareness and pride is something that America needs. I think the original concept of Gay Pride was perhaps a beautiful and powerful thing, but it has become so diluted with sex that there is no pride left. 

Personally, I am pissed off by the acts of the individuals who participate in such crude events. It’s embarrassing. And that stereotype? You created it yourself, darlings. 

Don’t get me wrong, many straight individuals participate in disgusting acts as well; things like strip clubs, prostitution, etc etc… That is disgusting too, and certainly not respect worthy. 

As Americans, we are free to do pretty much do anything. We are spoiled. Yes, the government is corrupt, but so is every other government on this planet. The point is simple…. if you wanna take off your shirt and rub your body in oil while making out with the guy next to you during a parade that is suppose to help the gay community out, you have that right. I am comfortable enough in my own skin to keep my shirt ON and let my voice be heard. 

Unfortunately, many gays are not heard because we all know sex sells, and intellect does not. 

Many Gay Americans are being stereotyped because of these public displays, and It needs to stop. 

Think about any other minorities in American history that had to fight for their rights…. They had to overcome their stereotypes in some manor in order to obtain respect from an uninformed society. 

Any gay, straight, bisexual, or trans gender person that is acting out will get us nowhere. 

Come on guys, we are a minority. We already have had a bad rap, why do you keep on doing it? 

Thanks to those like Tela Tequila, Gay Pride, and (many) Gay Bars and Saloons, gays will continue to live legally single.




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