Natural Disaster: Flip Flops

I don’t know if “flip flop” is a term that my italian friends are aware of – but I know they are aware of their disgusting appeal.

I hate flip flops. On guys. On girls. On trannys. On kittens.  Flip flops are disgusting and only good for inside of your house because the floor is dirty.  They are 1. Trashy.  2. Trashy. 3.Guido.  4.Low Class 5. Very Old Navy, 5.Trashy  6.Cheap 7. Never acceptable in ANY circumstance.

Flip flop users, keep your flip flops inside. One of the most appalling things seen by my Italian friends is Americans walking around in flip flops.  And I couldn’t agree more.

OH and PS-  flip flops in winter is not cool. You are not bad ass for wearing your flip flops in the snow… get over yourself and put on some freaking shoes. You look like an idiot.



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