Natural Disaster: Worst Shoes of All Time

My last blog inspired me to show you a list of the WORST shoes of all time.

1.  Slip on Vans

Ugly. Make your foot look like a big old CLUNKER and are not alternative.  Any Van rip off also pisses me off.


2. Toms Shoes.

Okay, great. Maybe they are for a good “cause”… but personally, if you want to do something for a good cause, buy a nice pair of shoes and ship it over to Africa yourself. I’m sure those kids would prefer a nicer looking shoe… not something that looks like a turd with a sole.


3. Merrel Shoes.

Speaking of turds — Welcome to Merrel Shoes.


4.  Women’s Rain Boots.

So. Annoying. Last time I checked, if you want to wear Rain Boots, dont put an ugly ass pattern on it that makes me want to die and CLASHES with everything you’re wearing.  Hunter rain boots are fine…Classic black or yellow rain boots are fine… Anything else. Throw Away.

rain boots

5. Suede Boots

What else can I say —- They look like you’re trying way to hard, and get real freaking leather. I hate suede boots. Esp fake suede.


6. Crocs / those Teva Sandals




Can you think of any else? Im in class… trying to look at the shoes of the individuals in my class.


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