New England Style

I have to say, my “up -brining” in New England has always had a huge effect on my style  – L L Bean and Ralph Lauren leading the way.

When I think of fashion, I think of New England – Rocky beaches,  woods, the most beautiful fall leaves, Witch Trials and WASPS.  New England is the classiest place in the United States.  I am an east coast boy and I would barf if I was transplanted in the west (minus Washington state and Montana).

Some icons that bring me back to the style are:

The characters from Margot at the Wedding(especially Margot).  Typical New England bitch, played  by the one and only Nicole Kidman.



Sissey Spacek from In The Bedroom  – This is the “It’s chilly outside and I look so cozy, I want a book” look.  Does’t she look so cozy? Even with that cancer stick, Sissy Spacek in  In The Bedroom takes you to a cozy new england place with a cup of hot cider.


Nicole Kidman as Virgina Woolf in The Hours. Altough her character (virgina wolf) was British (we like Cornwall) , her style is beautiful.  Plus, they dont’t call it “NEW” England for nothing.


Winona Ryder in The Crucible.  The Crucible has some of the best fashion I have ever seen.  This movie is about witch trials in Massachusetts.  It’s brilliant. It’s dark. It’s cozy. Its New England.


All the Characters in BeetleJuice.  BeetleJuice actually takes place in my home state of Connecticut.  The fashion in this movie is incedibly chic.



Finally, some accessories for a complete New England Style:

Volvo station wagon 240 (A MUST HAVE)


Bike with a Basket (For weekends in Nantucket)


L.L. Bean Boots (are a MUST).  With all the rain and snow that comes in the fall/winter/spring and SUMMER, you cannot live without these.

ll bean boot

A haunted house ( All houses in New England are haunted. If yours isnt, GET OUT)


A Night Cap

night cap

Finally, Candles. Not scented candles (although Yankee candles, we love) but you’ll find that your electricity goes out in the winter all the time because if blizzards with snow that is so high, you cant open your door.


Just make sure you have a overly judgmental and “im better than you” personality, and you will fit right in with other New Englanders.


One Response

  1. “when i think of fashion, i think of new england.”

    only you, matt. only, you haha

    also, “they don’t call it NEW england for nothing.”

    killed me. “he’s still got it,” yall ❤

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