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Conspiracy: Life.
May 24, 2009

Is anyone really alive?  Who knows these days. As I sit here in Cincinnati; a city of crime, dirt, and the home of most of my family — I think about this chip on my shoulder, and I wonder if it is even worth thinking about. 


I want to move to Alaska, join a Native American tribe, do scientific research on wild animals, wear Eddie Bauer, Ralph Lauren, and L.L Bean.  


I have one more month until I make a transition back to Europe.  I am excited but I am scared.  More than anything, I just want to see my best friend Tea.


It’s hard trusting anyone these days — People who you thought were your friends end up stabbing you in the back — 




Conspiracy: Non-Fiction
May 14, 2009

Non-fiction is nonexistent.  Everything is just a story we’ve convinced ourselves is true. 


black dot

Conspiracy: Breast and Testicular Cancer
May 12, 2009



Everyone has it. Aren’t breasts and testicles just tumors hanging off your body?

Conspiracy: Food
May 4, 2009

Food. The ultimate conspiracy. What more can I say?  Food kills you – gives you cancer, you can choke on it, death by constipation, clogs your arteries, gives you gas, and more.  Water is the most essential thing for you body… everything else is just materialistic.  



Conspiracy: Glasses
May 1, 2009



I have this theory about glasses and eye “doctors”.  Here is my theory.   Only a select few people actually NEED glasses. 


Isn’t it odd that everytime you go to the eye “doctor” that they tell you your eyes are worse and thus you are forced to buy a new pair of designer glasses?  


One day, I decided to stop wearing my glasses and my vision has never been better.  This was over 6 years ago — nothing has changed.  

I feel eye “doctors” are all a conspiracy to get your money.  Never trust an eye doctor. Never.

Conspiracy: Super glue
April 30, 2009


Do you ever think someone is going to come to your room while you’re sleeping and put super glue under your eye lids?  I do.