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Fashion is not bragging.
June 16, 2009

The last time I told someone what designer I was wearing, it was “Good Will”.  Ever heard of him?

I have a few designer things, and I am proud of those things – But its never good to BRAG or “buy and tell” as I like to call it.

If one is into fashion, thats fine. If one is partial to a designer, fine. But it is ugly to go around telling everyone what you are wearing. Its ugly, its unattractive, and it makes you look like a total “label whore”.

I thought this was a problem mainly in America— but obviously, like most things, it has its European roots. And I have seen the ugly side of fashion after living in Milan.

I think a lot of individuals are insecure and thus get some kind of worth from telling their friends all about the new Margiela or Prada they bought.

If you can make a lower end (cheap) product look expensive and chic, then you are a true fashionista.  If the only way you know how to look and feel good is through expensive labels, then you really arent’ a fashion trendsetter, you are just fortunate to be able to buy those clothes.



Natural Disaster: Worst Shoes of All Time
June 12, 2009

My last blog inspired me to show you a list of the WORST shoes of all time.

1.  Slip on Vans

Ugly. Make your foot look like a big old CLUNKER and are not alternative.  Any Van rip off also pisses me off.


2. Toms Shoes.

Okay, great. Maybe they are for a good “cause”… but personally, if you want to do something for a good cause, buy a nice pair of shoes and ship it over to Africa yourself. I’m sure those kids would prefer a nicer looking shoe… not something that looks like a turd with a sole.


3. Merrel Shoes.

Speaking of turds — Welcome to Merrel Shoes.


4.  Women’s Rain Boots.

So. Annoying. Last time I checked, if you want to wear Rain Boots, dont put an ugly ass pattern on it that makes me want to die and CLASHES with everything you’re wearing.  Hunter rain boots are fine…Classic black or yellow rain boots are fine… Anything else. Throw Away.

rain boots

5. Suede Boots

What else can I say —- They look like you’re trying way to hard, and get real freaking leather. I hate suede boots. Esp fake suede.


6. Crocs / those Teva Sandals




Can you think of any else? Im in class… trying to look at the shoes of the individuals in my class.

Natural Disaster: Flip Flops
June 12, 2009

I don’t know if “flip flop” is a term that my italian friends are aware of – but I know they are aware of their disgusting appeal.

I hate flip flops. On guys. On girls. On trannys. On kittens.  Flip flops are disgusting and only good for inside of your house because the floor is dirty.  They are 1. Trashy.  2. Trashy. 3.Guido.  4.Low Class 5. Very Old Navy, 5.Trashy  6.Cheap 7. Never acceptable in ANY circumstance.

Flip flop users, keep your flip flops inside. One of the most appalling things seen by my Italian friends is Americans walking around in flip flops.  And I couldn’t agree more.

OH and PS-  flip flops in winter is not cool. You are not bad ass for wearing your flip flops in the snow… get over yourself and put on some freaking shoes. You look like an idiot.


Conspiracy: Life.
May 24, 2009

Is anyone really alive?  Who knows these days. As I sit here in Cincinnati; a city of crime, dirt, and the home of most of my family — I think about this chip on my shoulder, and I wonder if it is even worth thinking about. 


I want to move to Alaska, join a Native American tribe, do scientific research on wild animals, wear Eddie Bauer, Ralph Lauren, and L.L Bean.  


I have one more month until I make a transition back to Europe.  I am excited but I am scared.  More than anything, I just want to see my best friend Tea.


It’s hard trusting anyone these days — People who you thought were your friends end up stabbing you in the back —